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joffery baratheon, sansa stark

XOXO Drogo

Posted on 2011.06.19 at 02:07
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“Who’d have thought that the most convincing TV romance of 2011 would include a scene in which the boy looks on adoringly while the girl devours a horse’s heart, and an action sequence in which the boy proves his love for the girl by slashing an enemy’s throat and ripping his tongue out through the hole? Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!” - Matt Zoler Seitz of Salon.com

*credit to Matthesamurai for the flaming heart

joffery baratheon, sansa stark

Flesh Wound

Posted on 2011.06.19 at 02:02

joffery baratheon, sansa stark

GoT House Quiz

Posted on 2011.06.18 at 11:22
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In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Your Result: You belong in HOUSE TARGARYEN - Fire and Blood

resultA broken house, the blood of the Dragon were once the conquerors of all Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. House Targaryen ruled as the Kings of Westeros for nearly 300 years until the reign of Aerys II, the Mad King. Their seats were the capital city of King's Landing and the island castle of Dragonstone. Their sigil is a three-headed dragon breathing flames, red on black.

You belong in HOUSE LANNISTER - Hear Me Roar
You belong in HOUSE STARK - Winter is Coming
You belong in HOUSE ARRYN - As High as Honor
You belong in HOUSE BARATHEON - Ours is the Fury
In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
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joffery baratheon, sansa stark

Icons: First Attempt

Posted on 2011.06.17 at 05:26
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My first attempt at coloring:


for some reason I can't get the image to show succesfully under an LJ-Cut. :/

More to come as I work on them, I'm primarily working on caps from episode 9, but will work my way through the other episodes as well. I already have all the caps picked out for episodes 2-9. 

The second Tyrion icon will have some text saying "Good things come in small packages" as soon as I figure out how to fit that in there without it looking completely retarded.

Credit would be welcomed if you decide to use one of these :) Commenting to let me know what you think would also be appreciated!